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Eavan Boland
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Influential Factors

Boland was greatly influenced by the poet Marianne Moore whose "Collected Poems" was published in 1967. After reading Moore’s poems, Boland was unable to sympathize and connect with Moore. However, her resistance to Moore was solely based on the estranged feeling that Boland would experience after reading Moore’s poems. The topics of Moore’s works such as gravesites, toads, and gardens collaborate to create an off-key timbre, which elicited a foreign dialect of poetry to Boland.

Boland believed that Moore’s poems were directed to distant the reader from the poet, thus being warned from emotion and expression. Due to her experiences with reading Moore’s poems, Boland felt that irony leads to modernism. It was only with the progression of time that Boland came to value Moore’s poetry and symbolism since conflict, struggle, and exasperation that emerge on the sides of reading, posses a worthy value.

Therefore, Boland believed that she would have not valued her hardships and resolutions without her encounter with Moore’s poetry.






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