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Eavan Boland
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    Reviewers consider Boland a straightforward lyric poet with the publication of her first few volumes. Although Boland is criticized for resembling Yeats' style in her first book of poems, "New Territory," Boland's strength in poetry contributed to her ability to subvert the themes. It was through her "In her Own Image" book of poems that established her as a feminist. The published volume elicited much controversy due to her feminist topics, which earned her the title and stereotype as a "female writer." Her publications of "With Outside History," earned her fame and popularity from the United States which endowed her with mainstream support and praise. Most critics viewed Boland's In Her Own Image as a departure from the style and themes of New Territory and The War Horse (1980).  Critics and reviewers have praised Boland for her unique presentation of women as well as her ability to fuse political issues to the individual lives of the public myths (Gale Contemporary Literary Criticism).
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