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Eavan Boland
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Eavan Boland--a Revolutionary for Feminism

            Eavan Boland has not only become one of the most respected poets but also one of the leading spokesmen for feminism. She was one of the first individuals to write poems emphasizing the home, garden, and everyday colloquial language that are not commonly found in Irish poetry. Consequently, her diction includes words such as, “washing machine,” “nappies,” and “milk bottle” (Rogers). Boland’s poems such as, The War Horse, centered on external threats to the home and family. Boland’s publication of Outside History: Selected Poems in 1990, focused on the exclusion of women from Irish history.

            Likewise, in 1991, Boland heavily criticized Ireland’s literary patriarchy for its publication, The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing. The publication claimed to portray the “most complete collection of Irish writing ever assembled” (Rogers). Although the publication included the poetry of three women (Boland is among them), it neglected the writings of several others. Therefore, Boland fought for those women’s deserved achievements by exposing the publication’s omission through essays and reviews. Moreover, Boland telephoned throughout the country and encouraged the women writers to attend a debate in Dublin.

            Boland continued to encourage women writers to emerge and reveal themselves to Irish literature by speaking out in Irish newspapers, radio, and television. She emphasized on the barring of women poets and how action must be taken. Therefore, Boland toured across Ireland and gave workshops that encouraged aspiring women writers from the smallest of villages (Rogers). Boland has definitely been an influential figure through her contributions to history and literature.

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